Q: Blinkers or hazards stopped working. on 1996 Lincoln Continental

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Is there a fuse in the steering column or do I have to replace the whole module?
(2) Answers
You need to check both fuse boxees, there is one under the hood,(called a battery junction box) and there is also one in the passenger compartment. If the fuses are ok the system should be diagnosed by a person with a good working knowledge of vehicle electrical systems. The multi-function switch(turn signal) and flasher units need to be checked. Some vehicles also have light control modules and it would need to be checked if the vehicle is equipped with one.Good luck.
If you did not find a burnt fuse it is going to be the module/multi switch in most cases. They are reasonable at most used parts yards. Around $29-65. New will run you $290 OEM and $125 replacement. Very easy to change for the novice to medium mechanic. See service manual for removal and replacement.