Q: bleeding clutch slave on 2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser

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how do you bleed the clutch master or slave cylinder in a pt cruiser there are no bleeders
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NOTE: It is necessary to bleed the clutch hydraulic release system if the system has lost an excessive amount of fluid and has ingressed air into the circuit. Air in the system typically results in a spongy pedal feel, and/or improper clutch release. If air cannot be removed from the system using this procedure, it is necessary to replace BOTH the clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder assemblies.

From driver's seat, actuate clutch pedal 60–100 times. Verify clutch operation/pedal feel. If pedal still feels spongy, or clutch does not fully disengage, excessive air is still trapped within the system. Perform the following procedure:

Verify fluid level in clutch master cylinder reservoir. Top off with DOT 3 brake fluid as necessary. Raise vehicle on hoist.
2.0/2.4L Models: Remove left lateral bending brace.
Remove clutch slave cylinder/damper assembly from the transaxle case, but do not disconnect from the system. Allow the slave cylinder hang, making it the lowest part of the system.
CAUTION: While slave cylinder is detached from the transaxle, DO NOT actuate the clutch master cylinder. Damage to the slave cylinder will result.

Depress slave cylinder pushrod until it bottoms and then release. Repeat this at least ten (10) times, forcing trapped air upwards and out of the system.
Re-install slave cylinder into position. 2.0/2.4L equipped models: Torque slave cylinder to case bolt to 19 N·m (168 in. lbs.). Install and torque damper (if equipped) to case nuts to 24 N·m (215 in. lbs.).
Lower vehicle.
Check and adjust clutch master cylinder fluid level. Actuate clutch pedal thirty (30) times. Verify clutch operation/pedal feel. If pedal still feels spongy, or clutch does not fully disengage, air is still trapped within the system. Repeat Step 4 - Step 8 until air is purged. If several attempts at purging air from the system are unsuccessful, replace both the clutch master cylinder and slave cylinder assemblies. Raise vehicle. 2.0/2.4L Models: Install left lateral bending brace. Lower vehicle. Top off clutch master cylinder fluid level with DOT 3 brake fluid.
My Chrysler Neon 2000 model has got the plastic push-in type hydraulic fluid line for the clutch. I have found that the gravity-feed method of bleeding clutch works best with this application and it takes about 20 minutes. You need two people to bleed the clutch using this method. 1) Remove the cap from the hydraulic reservoir, remove the rubber cup. 2) remove the line from the slave cylinder, the fluid will start dripping from the slave cylinder side of the line. 3) While you are collecting the dripping fluid from underneath the car, get your helper to fill-up the reservoir with fresh fluid. 4) The dripping fluid indicates there is air trapped in the line. After few refills of the reservoir, you will notice the fluid is no longer dripping but flowing in a solid pattern. The air has been removed from the line.5)Fix the line to the slave cylinder and open the bleeder on the slave cylinder. 6) Continue to collect the dripping fluid from the slave cylinder bleeder for few minutes to get a solid flow of the fluid. 7) Close the bleeder on the slave cylinder and your clutch problem is gone.

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