Bleed Clutch slave cylinder on 1994 Chevrolet S10

How do you bleed clutch slave cylinder.

Asked by for the 1994 Chevrolet S10
Usually takes two people one to push the clutch pedal and one to crack open the bleeder screw on the slave cylinder, Start with the pedal up and crack the screw and have someone push the pedal and hold it down and tighten the screw, you have to repeat this procedure until the air is bled out of the system, remember to put brake fluid into the clutch master cylinder as you bleed the system.
i did that i tried doing it like u do brakes and gravity none of it worked i did an eging swap and nothing was worng with the clutch when i started
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i open the bleed and sanone pus the pedal
Me and my grandpa had to let it sit for about 2 day for the gravity flow it out