Q: blead all brakes have good fluid flow. still no pedal when running. rwal? if so on 1997 Dodge Ram 1500

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how can i fix it without replaceing it?
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Had to replace most of brake lines n wheel cylinders. blead master n then started at r rear n worked closer. thought d air in master cylinder. but no more air anywhere n still very low pedal.
Here we go! Rear brakes adjusted up like they should be? With a couple of clamp off tools, slim nose vise grips will do, pinch the rubber hoses to each front caliper, now try the pedal. Good/betterpedal? If so bleed the front more. Now pinch off the rear hose, try the pedal. Good or better pedal? You get the idea! Works every time if you do like i say! This will tell you where your problem is. If after pinching the hoses you still have low pedal, problem is air in master cyl. When bleeding, DO NOT let fluid get too low in master cyl. reservoir!! If not fixed after this, or you dont understand, take vehicle to a repair shop!! Cause this is a bulletproff test for brake problems.
You can put a good amount of pressure on those rubber hoses without hurting them, just dont use both hands when locking clamp tool! RABS not relevant to this problem!
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