Q: blazer stops running when driving on 1998 Chevrolet Blazer

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When driving engine stop's running. Wont restart untill vehicle sets & cool's check engine lite is on. when hooked up to analizer it reads bank 1 sencer 1 have replaced all 3 o2 sencers & new fuel pump new map sincer new temp sincer new plugs new wires new distributer cap & roter still does the same thing
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You will need to find out what is missing when your truck won't start, spark or fuel and go from there. It may be time for some help from a qualified technician to get to the cause of your problem. There are to many different things that could cause your stalling problem for me to even begin to make a guess.
If the fuel pressure is correct and you have spark at the plugs and the engine still won't start then I would try spraying starting fluid in the throttle body. Don't spray while cranking or the engine can backfire through the throttle body. If the engine will start and run for a short time with the starting fluid then I would suspect that there is a problem with the injector signal from the PCM.