Q: best tires for a 1992 toyota camry le 2.2L toyo extensa as or michelin defender? on 1992 Toyota Camry

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tire size p195/70/14. Reviews from people that have those tires on their camry. Have toyo 800 touring on now. Have been on my car for 10 yrs w/very low mileage. Time to change them if i keep the car. Will be doing more driving and want not only the best safety but a comfortable ride as well. Experienced suggestions appreciated. thx. looking for the best prices/ add ons/ as well and may wait for the rebates.
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Also mich. will be giving a 70.00 rebate either this month or next. Hard to beat their tires!! But you can find less expensive brands.
I sure do like the ride, traction, mileage and warranty with Michelin! In the long run I think they are worth the difference, which is not a lot of money at all for a top shelf tires.