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Per Sears Automotive the being vibrating being was attributed to a damaged front wheel. I was told that as they discovered that the wheel was bent when they removed the tire. And that this is what was causing the ride to be loud and rough. It was recommended that I replace the wheel ASAP. And of course because apparently I must look as if I don't work for my money it was recommended that all 4 wheels be replaced for $550.

So please let me know if this is indeed the case or am I just being too suspicious.
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I'm not surprised, based off your previous question and your description of your vibration concern. I would personally probably move the "bent" wheel and tire to the back for now, and then acquire a single wheel to replace it when you are able to locate one (salvage yard, etc, like Zee said...)

Clearly, you can see a bad wheel when you put it on a balancer and see the excessive bend/movement.

Replacing all 4 wheels...well...probably not necessary. I suppose all 4 wheels could be damaged, but it's far less likely. So a fair skeptic thought.

Thanks for coming back and reporting...
Thanks, Dave! I went ahead and ordered the 4 new wheels. Ouch! Until the wheels arrive the bent wheel was moved to the rear and the vibration although less is still noticeable. Again, Thanks
See if you have a full size, matching spare tire. If you do, exchange that with the bent rim and just get a generic, cheap steel wheel for the spare.
If the spare is just the donut type, you might be able to find a good condition matching wheel in a salvage yard for cheap.

Thanks, Zee! Unfortunately it is a donut. And due to time constraints I'm unable to go salvage yard hunting. But it sounds like a replacement is necessary. Although, I didn't see the bend the Sears advisor called me right away after I had dropped the car off to come see the damage. So I have to trust that indeed it was there. Also, it coincided with the problems previously experienced that brought me there in the first place. I just wasn't sure if it was as "major" a problem as I was being told. Thanks, ZEE!
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first- we will assume you have a wheel bent- to verify this, move the suspect wheelto the oppisite side of car and on the rear. if this vibration moves when you do this (feels like it is coming from somewhere else), then replace wheel. now for number two- does the vibration occur at a certain speed (say between 30-35 mph or another speed parameter). if this answer is yes and it does not happen at all speeds, you have a tire problem, not a wheel problem. for clarification- a tire causes a "single speed vibration"
a wheel cause a vibration at all speeds.
hope this helps!
The vibration was regardless to the speed, just less noticeable when driving <30 mph. Yes, the wheel was moved to the rear and the vibration although less with the new tires is still there. Thanks for the input!
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