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Q: Bcm / Rfa 1 amp battery drain, relay inside stays on,Cavalier 2001. on 2001 Chevrolet Cavalier

The BCM / RFA # 09388219 was replaced without success, the relay inside the Bcm stays on when the car is in off position. the relay come off when the middle plug is disconnected (blue) or the cluster fuse, tested door switches, alarm goes off when you put it on with remote.
BCM = Board control module
RFA = Remote function actuator
Thank you for your help !
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Possible body control module, probably more then you want to spend. Install a disconnect in line of blue wire for shut down time, back on in run time.
Thank you professorG, I have already replace the bcm module with no success, So what you are suggesting is that I install a relay on the blue wire or connect it to a switched source of power, could you be more specific about the blue wire, I have three plugs and there is more then one blue wire. Another question, do the handle switch are N.O. Or N.C. i suspect the alarm, since it comes on when I put it on.
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I don't remember now what I was looking at, was suggesting to put a SPST switch in the power circuit, but can't find the diagram I was looking at. Is there any codes in the BCM anti theft like B3127 or something like this.
not to my knowledge, the only numbers i have are the control itself, BCM / RFA # 09388219 and another one ''09388189'' it is a AOU or AUO for remote entry,when i remove the Cluster fuse the relay goes off, it is the biggest relay on the center of the board, when I remove the middle blue plug it also stops, I only have a Haynes manual and it is a general electrical plan it does not go in very much details and a lot is not shown, If you have an electric diagram for the Cavalier 2001 Canadian, That would help me find the problem. Is there a plan for the alarm, i believe this is where the problem is, since the alarm goes off when activated. Thank you again for the help and your time, this is well appreciated.
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My question is can you scan the body control module for a code. If there is a code it might help with the following of a flow chart and give a start at the place that is where the fault. For instance the lock actuator could be the cause.
there is a code bar with a number on the BCM, is that what you're talking about, I am not at my workshop now, but if it's what you are asking, I will forward it to you. Thank you.
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No the scanner to read the codes from the diagnostic connector under the dash. Keep in mind that a generic code reader will not read the codes we are looking for.
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