Q: BCM on 2000 LHS on 2000 Chrysler LHS

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I had a used BCS installed at a dealer. They stated both of them were not showing any transmission out of the BCM. Both would work initially even though not xmiting but after one shut off and back on we were at the same no turn signals, environment controls, power locks abnormal, interior lights, radio, power windows. I was told the ingnition switch (electrical) could cause this??? Help
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You should have your dealership diagnosis this concern. Everything you mentioned in your question and more are controlled by the BCM. Your BCM sends and receives "messages" to at least 9 modules via a "PCI Bus wire". The Transmission Control Module (TCM) is one of these modules. This can be very difficult to isolate. Leave it to the Trained Technicians at your local dealership. If the dealership supplied the "Used BCM" and it did not correct your concern, they should step up and diagnosis the problem for you as they did not correct the problem, however, if you supplied the BCM, be prepared for an expensive repair.
I replaced the ignition switch and fixed the problem. The key inserted part of the switch did not connect at terminals 2 and 3, so the BCM never knew the key was in the ignition. Everything is working like before.