Q: battery won't charge on 1990 Ford Taurus

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about 5 miles from home, my car died in an intersection and would only click when i turned the key. battery is less than a year old. got it towed home, charged the battery and put a multi tester on it. when i started the car it was at 13, turned on the lights and it dropped. changed the voltage regulator and alternator and it still drains the battery without re-charging it. WHAT ELSE COULD IT BE? PLEASE HELP. car only has 78,000 miles on it. i bought it from a widow who had not driven very much after her husband died
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The battery needs to be load tested first at your local auto parts store then the alternator needs to be checked as it should be producing 14.6 volts just because the battery and alternator have been changed doesn't mean they are good
Had the same thing. couldnt find the problem anywhere. eventually it turned out to be the "Mega=Fuse" its the fuse between ur alternator and battery