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Q: Battery replaced car wont idle now on 2004 Chrysler Sebring

I replaced the battery and now the car wont stay running
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Here is one possible cause for the stalling condition with your 2004 Chrysler Sebring. The engine computer has a basic idle speed control setting for when the engine is new. Over time deposits build up on the throttle valve restricting air flow which reduces the idle speed. The engine control computer compensates for this by opening the idle air bypass valve a bit more to achieve the correct idle speed. The computer stores this new bypass valve position in its memory, overtime this can become a fairly substantial adjustment. This change occurs so gradually you will never notice it happening. Unfortunately, when the battery is disconnected in most late model vehicles this learned idle position is lost, resulting is a stalling condition. There are two things you can do to correct this problem: One is to clean the deposits built up on the throttle body using brake cleaner and a shop towel. Some basic repair knowledge would be required for this procedure. The other alternative is to get the engine computer to quickly relearn the correct bypass valve position. You can try the following procedure.: Warm the engine but holding your foot on the throttle as necessary to keep the engine running. With the transmission in park, slowing release the gas pedal so that the engine will idle on its own - you may have to work at this a bit. Let the engine idle on its own for about one minute. Next, with your foot on the brake place the transmission in drive and let the engine idle for another minute. Next turn the A/C on and let the engine idle for another minute with the A/C compressor running (transmission in gear and foot on the brake). Next turn the engine off and wait a minute. If this corrects your problem great! If not you may need the help of you local service technician.
Hey I just had this same issue with my 2004 toyota Sequioa limited and this worked for me
I did the step 2 minutes each and then turned my car off and back on and ....drum roll...
Idle is holding. I am still going to take my car to the dealer to have throttle body cleaned
as I have just 2 more months until pay off and I don't need to mess any thing up

Thanks a Trillion all the way from Richmond Tx
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