Q: battery needs to be jumped after setting a couple days. on 1996 Mercury Sable

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The battery & alternator checks out fine. There is a draw on the battery when the car is off. Service Tech (auto/electrical) can't locate the draw. The daylight running light module (DRL) had to be replaced last week; I noticed the charging issue at the same time. As long as I drive the car each day, the car will start. However, if I let it set unused for a couple of days, it won't start without a jump. All lights & electrical devices are working fine. We just can't find the draw location.

Thank you,
John Morgan, USMC
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Thank you for that information…I am taking the car in for a battery drain (Parasitic Draw Test) test this week. Hopefully, that will provide an answer. I will be sure to test the interior lights.
John Morgan, USMC
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