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Q: battery light on dashboard on 1997 Plymouth Voyager

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the battery light on the dashboard has lit up twice in 2 days after the engine has been running a while in 80 degree dry weather. The electronic odomoter is blinking while the light is on. When I turn off the engine and restart it the light does not light up. Is this a serious problem? What can be the cause?
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This is most likely a sign of an internal fault in the alternator. A simple test is to put a volt meter across the battery terminals at rest (engine off) voltage of a fully charged battery should be 12.6 volts, start the engine the voltmeter reading across the battery should immediately increase to 14.6 volts approx.when the engine is started if the alternator/charging system is correct.
A simpler test is if the battery light is on with the engine running (hand brake applied) hit the alternator with a light to moderate force, if the battery light goes out as the alternator is struck the fault is internal in the alternator.
The battry light came on , on my dash board; so I replaced the battery and after 2 days it came on again. What could be the possible problem?

I have similar problem. I am going to replace my alternator. What are the steps to get the alternator out of it's "caged-in" location? I've removed the necessary bolts, but I need to know what other components need to be disconnected in order to pull the alternator out. I have a 1999 voyager 2.4 FYI.
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