Q: Battery jump with 2 sets of cables on 2007 Nissan Frontier

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Our son, who is a capable mechanic, was trying to jump our battery using his cables and there was never a spark...then went and got new battery and new cables--still never a spark. He thought it was odd and I was wondering why we never saw a spark no matter what he tried?
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I'm taking this literally...your son used his jumper cables to jump your battery? Then there would not be a spark unless he hooked them up wrong! did he jump your battery using his cables on the "new" battery? it should work properly then...but why do you want sparks?
There was never a spark where? At the battery terminal while you where connecting the positive jumper cable? Or do you mean it cranks but wont fire up? If you’re connecting jumper cables using the proper procedure you shouldn’t see any sparks. Sparks at or near a battery can be dangerous as the hydrogen molecules that are created as a battery is being charged or discharged can cause the battery to explode.