Battery is dead. Clicking sound from under dash. I tried jumping. on 2003 Honda Odyssey

When I connected the jumper cables the lights came on and the horn starting honking. I couldn't shut it off with the fob. I disconnected the jumper cables and everything shut off.

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Factory alarm or aftermarket?
Going to do the same thing when you replace, charge or jump the battery, try locking the doors then unlock with fob and disarm alarm, have a battery draw test performed. Since it is factory alarm maybe the Honda tech. here will help.
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poss battery is shorted internally.
replace battery to far gone, or take over your local auto parts and try charging it, they do it for free
Hook the battery up , and then(while ignoring the annoying alarm) calmly go to the drivers door and lock , then unlock the door with THE KEY . If no other problems with system exist , then that will disarm it. Recommend charging the battery first , not trying to jump it.
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