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Q: Battery image and word brake appears on dash randomly. on 2001 Nissan Altima

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Recently my 2001 Altima started showing picture of battery and the word brake (as if emergency brake is on)on the dashboard at random times. Battery is one month old, bought new. When battery was unhooked, car continued to run. Once, car would not start after driving while the dash flashed w/image and word.
AAA serviceman ran a diagnostic test for battery, alternator and starter. All showed no problems.
If I rev the car to maximum, image/word disappears.
What is the problem, and approximate cost to repair?
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Charging system problem! Do not remove the battery cable with engine running again, that was ok 40 years ago but not now!!! Revving engine to max rpm, really?? You need some testing performed by a mechanic!....
I am a 65 year old female with almost no knowledge about mechanics of automobile. Your reply was unhelpful and condescending. You did not address the problem at all, just criticized me. Gee, why didn't I think of a mechanic? Anyone actually addressing issue with suggestions of where to start to correct problem?
I live on Social Security and had hoped to narrow problem down to specifics that could keep expense of testing to minimum.
Well mam, i was just trying to keep any further damage from being done! Fact is I AM a mechanic with over 43 years experience and feel i am quialfied to state the truth about the way the testing has been carried out thus far! I am sorry if you feel offended in any way but suggestions from here or any source that can not actually do some hands-on testing is useless, other than it is a charging system problem as I stated! You are better off letting a mechanic look at this, that's just the facts! I wish you good luck with the repair!:-)
I can assure you that had I known that what has been done was harmful, I would not have allowed or done it.
My hope was to narrow down where to START to look.. A charging system problem is pretty broad. I realize that a 100& diagnosis without seeing actual vehicle isn't possible. I had hoped the problem was specific enough that someone would recognize it and tell me what I need to do to fix it. You would be amazed ( or maybe you wouldn't)at the level some mechanics stoop. Over the years, I've been told it is dire that I get-you fill in the blank- repaired or replaced. What was presented as necessary was usually not.
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