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Q: Battery dies every night on 1996 Saab 9000

I just bought a used saab 9000 cse with 110,000 miles on it automatic turbo & every night the brand new battery dies & it starts after we jump start it . What could be causing it?
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If you jump it the next morning and you're sure the alternator is charging as it should, you could have a current draw while the engine is off. Once you have it jumped, are you driving a good 20-30 minutes (not idling in traffic)? If your battery has been drained it takes some time for the alternator to recharge it. You can have a shop or auto parts house do a charging system test for you to make sure your alternator is working as it should. There is a small chance you got a bad battery even though it is new and that tester usually checks battery condition as well.

If all that checks ok, you'll need to test for a current draw ("ignition off draw") when then the key is off/out of ignition. Aftermarket alarms can cause a drain and other components if they aren't 'timing out' properly. Make sure your interior lights are shutting off as well. A shop can use a multimeter on the battery and pull fuses until the current stops to isolate the system draining the battery. hope this helps
1st isolate the circuit draining the battery.Remove the positive battery cable.Use a dc volt meter,that reads 12 0r more volts.attach pos lead of meter to pos. battery post,negative lead of meter, to pos cable. if the meter shows any voltage readout there is a voltage draw.make sure every thing is turned off.remove courtesy lamps dome lamp bulbs,or tape down door jam pull fuses one at a time.have some one watch the meter,if a fuse pulled,drops the hand of meter to zero,you have found the circuit.last item to check is the battery wire running to the back of alternator the one that is on a terminal held with a nut.remove the wire from the alternator if the meter drops it is the alternator draining voltage through the diodes to ground or some other component in the unit! Even if the alt is chargine ok!
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