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Q: BATTERY DIES on 2001 Audi TT

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I have a 2000 TT that the battery dies after about 3-4 days when not used.I have installed a new battery and the same thing happened after about 4 days of none use. Has anyone had the same problem and what was causing it? Please help
I have just had that same issue and seemed to get no answer until finally we found out it was the radio. The connections on the radio were draining the battery after about 48 hrs of sitting idle. Please check that issue. Now it seems that I have done much harm to battery and need a new one of those. OH WELL...could be worse. Good Luck!
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I remember reading on some Audi forum about these cars using a "shake proof battery" . These cars are sprung pretty firm and Audi recommended a special battery that could withstand vibration. Audi claimed aftermarket batteries didn't last as long when used in the TT.
Fully charge and "high rate discharge test" the battery to see if the battery is actually OK. Have the alternator charge rate and diode pattern properly checked.
Check for parasitic draw. A car naturally draws some current from a battery to keep memory alive in the radio, computers and time clock so a very minute draw is normal. If something comes alive intermittently the battery will go dead over night or in a few days depending on the size of the electrical draw.
For piece of mind have the battery properly checked first.
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My thought would be look for a "parasitic draw" on the battery. As I had said some draw is normal, on many cars the draw drops after a minute or so. Perhaps some computer is coming back alive when it should be asleep. Has the car had any accessory added to it like a remote starter, or iPOD adaptor, stereo amp ect....
I will send this link to an Audi expert perhaps he has seen this problem or knows of its cure!
Thank you for your comment. The car did it even with a brand new battery after 4 days of none use. I was just wondering if there was an identified problem across the board that others may have experianced. Still looking for an answer. Please help.
the car has nothing added as far as I know and I leave the alarm off in case that is what it is but it doesn't seem to make a differance.


I have a 200 TT and had a similar problem. It started happening after I had the electric window repaired. Took the car back in the shop and it looked like the component they'd installed to fix the electric window was causing a power drain. They replaced the component in the door and it fixed the problem.
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