Q: battery cables are getting hot when i try to crank the car on 1991 Geo Prizm

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i gave someone a jump, when i park the car but when i tried to start the car the battery cables got hot and the car would not start, it trys to start but it will not i looked at fuses and checked the battery so i am lost
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Check that the battery connections are clean tight and secure. Check that the ground cable to the engine is good. Perhaps use your battery jumper cables only hooking up the black cable to the battery negitive and the other end of the black cable to the engine (any big piece of metal on the engine) this will give you an additional ground and show you if you have a bad ground. A starter takes about 80 to 100 amps of current to start the engine if the starter is going bad it may draw more current and cause heat but check the connections first.