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Q: Batt good,alt good, power to fuse box, random non start. No lights- locks- Zip!? on 2007 Chevrolet Tahoe

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Random times tahoe will be dead. No locks, radio, domes, nothing. No attempt to start. Check from battery to fuse box. All good. Then outta know where she will start as if nothing happened? Radio says 12:00 and engine hours resets. Sick of being stranded. CD player tries to eject at restart ( empty) and only other glitch I've experienced is heater resets from time to time from auto to factory default. Anyone else? Ideas? All wiring is covered in hose so not seeing anything like a bare wire? Yes- batt is brand new voltage correct and contacts clean.
Maybe it's already fixed , but if not , next time it goes dead (no lights , including brakes , & no horn etc.--all things that normally have unswitched power...), maybe turn lights on and start wiggling harness? Have key on , drivers door open so you might hear key chime or see dome light flicker? May help in finding cause of open circuit. Suspect near main or 'master fuse(s)' near or at underhood fusebox.
My first guess would be a bad ground or positive connection, or wire. If problem happened when you replaced the battery your connections may not be as clean as you think. I had someone use Vaseline on the battery terminals to prevent corrosion, and just that thin film of Vaseline caused the same problem that you have.
Great thoughts and I am still looking for a possible bad wire but nothing so far. Happened twice with old battery and that led me to gettin new battery. But old battery (07 optima) wouldn't take a charge anymore after jumping twice. Positive terminals are clean- checked that right away. It's very random and frustrating. Just not seeing any place wire could be bare since immaculate engine and everything is wrapped in casing of plastic tubing. Gotta be somewhere
First got tester and checked battery. Fully charged so started checking route to fuse box and all fuses. I couldn't unlock the doors except with key and little voice said try her again. Fired right up? Could security system kill all power? Only thing I did different was lock doors before exiting today. Had my hands full- did see yellow lock light up on dash - I usually don't do that.
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