Q: Ball Joint Sequoia was manufactured 3 mos before recall. Anyone else? on 2001 Toyota Sequoia

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Left front ball joint failed. Toyota "does not know why". Right front fine. Tried to get the work done under recall, no luck. Has anyone else had this issue? I need others to support the expansion of this recall. Has anyone had the repair work done? The estimate is $5000!
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You better get estimates from a different shop as the ball joint cost is $45 to $70 for an AC Delco brand and the labor to replace 1 upper ball joint is 3.4 hours and to replace 1 lower ball joint is 1.1 hour and the truck would need to be aligned and you can get a different opinion from another shop here
my toyota was 200 numbers from the recall the right side broke frist i repaired it myself and 7 months later the left side broke i am sueing toyota right now you can call me at 619-454-1082 my attorney would love to talk to you thanks mike