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Q: BALANCE SHAFT GONE W/ONLY 66,000 MILES ON CAR on 2006 Mercedes-Benz CLK350

I am really upset... worked my whole life to finally enjoy a quality/superior car... at least that is what i thought. My check engine light came on & then went out..
again on had it checked out... telling me that balance cam shaft gone in my engine... $5000 JOB!!!!! and they don't want to cover it... I now have heard others have had problems w/350 engines... anyone out there want to share? Really nice... 66,000 miles on a mercedes & this happens? I wouldn't even expect an KIA to do this... HELP ANYONE ...
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has anyone updated on this? I just brought my car in 4/25/2013, 2006 clk350 - I only have 28,000 miles - the car ran ok but check engine light was on so it couldn't pass inspection - I've been advised of the balance shaft failure and that i will have to take out a second mortgage to pay for the repair, but as of now the car sits in the repair shop awaiting my decision. if anyone has had any results with MBUSA please advise.
Yes I'm having the same problem w/ my ML350. I took it to the dealership they had it for 1 hr 50 mins, the service advisior stated that it will cost for the parts $1200 and for labor it will cost $6000. He also stated that they would have it for 3 days with a loaner my check engine light was on for 2 weeks it had no noise. When we declined the work to be done, I left and as I'm coming on military base it was making a very loud noise. When I pulled into my driveway I could barely turn my wheel.
I have the same problem with my 2006 E350 with 64000 miles. Diagnosed with fault codes 1200, 1208 (balance shaft sprocket). Dealer says it would cost me $4500 for the labor; Mercedes would 'donate' the parts. The SA agrees this a common problem with this engine and suggests I ask MB to cover the repair. I called MB to request a goodwill repair from them since it's clearly a defect of their product but they would not own the problem. He denies there's a silent recall on the balance shaft. It's shame Mercedes is not stepping up to stand behind their car. Will report to NHTSA.
Actually there are many similar problem, MB even issued few technical service bulletin for this matter.
If the dealership won't help you, try to call MB of North America and se if they will offer help. 1 800-267-6372, 1 201-573-0600, make sure you will have the VIN# at hand.
Document everything from now on, ask all diagnostics to be printed, all estimates, just everything on paper. Beside the phone call to MBNA write a claim also, and ask for written response. You might need these in the future.
Ask investigation from NHTSA.
I'm surprised no one started a class action as of yet.
Their quality went down a lot in the past 10 years (just like VW/Audi), and I don't think it hit the bottom yet.
Let us know what happened, so others with the same situation might be able to join you.


I believe a class action has been filed. Also, there is a growing group on Facebook. Mercedes Benz balance shaft group.
I'm in the same boat as you. Hard to believe that MERCEDES BENZ of all companies wouldn't stand behind their product. And apparantly they've known about this problem for a while. There is a Facebook group that is in the process of filing complaints with the NHTSA. Then a media blitz.
Having same issue as I write .... 52,000.00 miles ... balance shaft went out... dealer took care of it because it was only 2,000 miles out of warranty.... got the car back... transmission acted up .. took it back... wanted to charge... refused to pay as the car was running perfect until the engine was pulled to fix balance shaft... still not running properly.... said it was not what they did.... did not want to pay for the repair.. basically said there will be more problems with the vehicle even after it is repaired.... have a call into MB but spoke with the dealer again... he agreed to pay for the repair to keep a valued customer...BUT basically said the car will continue to have problems... all because nof the balance shaft issue....
Any more information?
Hey Biziladi,

Please take a few minutes and file a complaint with the NHTSA! Until several people with this problem file a complaint, the part won't be recalled. It only takes a few minutes to file. The best selection would be under Engine and Engine Coooling: Engine. Also, a group on FB for the problem. This group has lot's of info and class action suit.


My engine light was constantly coming on, and they told me the CAM sensors need to be replaced ($300)I also have a whining sound, and my transmission needs to be replaced! Only 77k on it. Apparently this is a common problem with an 2006 and earlier.
Are you on FB? There is a growing group of people with this problem.
Same problem - dropped my car off at the dealer yesterday and they asked for all my service records. The service rep. hasn't returned any of my calls, i just spoke with the service manager and expect a call back in an hour. More will follow...
Have you filed a complaint with the NHTSA! The best selection for filing is under the Engine and Engine Cooling: Engine. Also, there is a growing group on FB for this problem. This needs to get out into the media. Mercedes needs to step up and fix this problem. We need to keep the pressure on and force a recall.

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