Q: Bad lifter? on 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix

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140K on engine, maintained pretty good, mostly highway miles

lifter just started making noise, put Seafoam in in to quiet lifter, and plan to get an oil pressure test next week. Most major items have been previously replaced except below. Both factory TSB and intake manifold leak and recall valve cover gasket leak were fixed recently.

Transmission appears strong

Below items have not been replaced yet:
Timing Chain
Fuel pump
Water pump
Serp belt tensioner

I am wondering if I should rebuild the engine if the lifters are bad or get rid of the car since it has high mileage and more will potentially go wrong. I love this car.
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You have fixed the obvious and then some. If you are sure it's a lifter/lifters, then just replace the lifters. If you caught the intake leak in time then all you need is lifters.