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Q: Bad Crankshaft sensor, Computer, ??? on 2000 Toyota Tacoma

Truck running fine all day. Shut off eng for about 30 minutes and cranked back up. Immediately felt misfire/hesitation condition. Got blinking check engine light. Had auto parts store run codes (P0300, P0301 & P0304.) Checked plugs and wires, ok. I have 2 ignition coils; 1 for cylinders 1 & 4 and 1 for cylinders 2 & 3. I'm confused about the the following during troubleshooting. Removing one spark plug wire from the ign coils at a time and cranking engine: When I remove #1 plug wire from aft wire "port" on forward ign coil and crank up engine I get a very intermittant (but strong) spark jumping to nearest ground location. When I do the same thing by removing the #3 plug wire from aft wire "port" on back ign coil, the engine hardly ever stays running and I get the same intermittant spark jumping to nearest ground. Both cylinder 4 and 2 ports on ign coils have a continuous and strong spark jumping to ground when removed one at a time and cranking engine. Someone mentioned a possible bad crankshaft postion sensor. Only other info to add is that I had a check engine light (steady) back in September that eventually went off after a couple weeks. Ran codes at local autoparts store; P0441 HELP Please
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No chewed wires. Pretty sure it's a bad (stuck open) injector on #4 cyl. Removed plugs I installed shorty after misfire condition and found all where burning good except #4. It was blackish brown (only installed for appx 5 miles of operation)Checked for "clicking" noise on #4 injector with eng running. Checked ok. Checked #4 injector elec. connector with "node" light. Light pulsed as enging was running. Checked spark on #4 plug. Spark was strong and correct. Reset check engine light and then drove truck for a couple miles. Check eng light came back on (flashing.) Ran codes. Only one code came up, P0304. It was for a misfire condition on #4 cyl. Replacing all 4 injectors (truck has 285K miles on it.)I'll post update afterwards.
Any luck with this? My buddy actually pulled a smooth one and mixed up the pos and neg when jumping off my truck.
No I am dealing with what sounds like the exact issue. Did your Catalytic converter get hot? Did the truck smell of fuel from the exhaust?
I believe my trucks fried but I am determined.
Thanks for your input. I've replaced the ign coil for 1 & 4, still have the same "intermittant spark" issue and misfire / hesitation issue.
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