1990 Audi 80 Q&A

1990 Audi 80 Question: Bad clunking sound when I turn the wheel

When I turn the wheel to the right or left there is a horrible clunking sound and the wheel jerks. What might this be? -
Answer 1
Ball Joint, Steering rack suspension? Whatever it is it sounds dangerous and you should take it in to get it looked at and not drive the car! -
Answer 2
the strut bearings can "bind" , the steering rack can loosen at it's mountings ..... open the hood , have someone turn the steering wheel as you describe and take a careful look before going any further. -
Comment 1
The stering wheel lock is difect, you need to take the all part and install a newone, I have the same problem, the part is realy hard to find so good loock, I still looking for the part. Chec the recall for the car. that what they said -

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