Q: back hatch door & glass don't lock on 2003 GMC Yukon XL 2500

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My back door and glass will not lock with the remote or with the buttons to lock all doors. There is no key slot. What is likely the cause? How can I fix it?
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I am not very experienced with Chevy hopefully some with Chevy knowledge will post response but I would check the fuses first and then look for broken wires in the harness that brings powers and grounds out to the rear hatch. Wires are usually in a rubber sheathing or hose between the hatch and the door opening. There is a 20 Amp fuse in the left side instrument panel fuse box that may be identified as "Locks" that supplies power to the rear lock solenoid. There is both an open and a close relay in the circuit as well that amongst other things could be the problem.
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