Q: Back firing through intake following rear seal replace. on 1994 Volvo 940

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I believe that flywheel was installed correctly, used diagram online and sent pic to volvo tech. I did rotate the engine backwards by accident and noted that timing marks were off on engine. I re-adjusted the timing marks and believe them to all be in the right spot, checked fuel pressure 45 psi, checked fuel pressure regulator (not leaking into intake) and verified spark plug wires were all in correct location. when started, car runs are approx 200-400 rpm, sputter and backfires through intake.... at a loss, what to do?
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This requires a physical inspection, and some tests to determine what is wrong. Man made problems are the hardest to figure out sometimes, and it definitely cannot be done without seeing the car.
Double check everything, wiring and hoses, and check the codes.
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