Q: AWD DISABLED on 2004 Buick Rendezvous

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My ABS and AWD disable lights are both on...all but one bearing has been changed and the last one seems to be fine. WHile driving the car will inconsistantly bog down while trying to accelerate. In order to accelerate you must let off of the gas peddle and then begin to accelerate again sometimes it is fine others it is not. The vehicle also bogs down while driving uphill. WHat does this sound like it might be?
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as soon as your abs has a fault, the all wheel drive is de activated. get your code checked and reapired and the awd light will go out.

On my 2004 Rendezvous the AWD Disable message was on and it was the rear differential enage switch. It had to be replaced along with the oil. However, the dealership didn't do it properly the first time (there is a service bulletin) and I had a noise after the repair. They had to redo the process and perform a drive procedure for the AWD system to be fully lubed with the new oil.