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Q: Average Repair Costs on 2008 Toyota RAV4

What can I expect for the average annual repair cost to be on my 2008 RAV4 6cyl?
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Toyota despite recent bad press are one of the best cars on the road.
Cost of maintenance depends on what is done and that is determined by miles driven and or time. Your owner's hand book outlines the basic service recommendations, or check Manufactures usually error towards minimal service requirements necessary to keep the car service costs low " for marketing/advertising purposes" and outline the least work that will still satisfy warranty requirements.
For longevity most trustworthy mechanics will suggest frequent engine oil changes, annual or bi-annual brake fluid flush, and changing all the fluids (transmission oil, differential oil and coolant) more frequent than the manufacturer calls for, we do it for our own cars and customer's cars and many of us working in independent repair shops that specialize in Toyota have customers with 200, 300 and 400,000 miles on there cars.
What Patrick fails to mention is that new Hondas, Toytoas, Subarus, and other Japanese vehicles who, previously, have had a reputation for 200, 300, and 400 mile lifespans, is that when the Japanese auto manufacturers began to introduce the multitude of computers, luxury accessories, electrical systems, and gadgets that now control the entire vehicle (including those reliable engines and transmissions) that they now all have problems, and expensive problems at that. These vehicles now have many of the very same options and systems that their more expensive luxury counterparts have had for years, which, were also the largest source of complaints. A 2008 Toyota will be faced with this dillema, and, I imagine, most of Patricks Toyota's at their independent repair shop are older models being as a lot of independent repair shops aren't able to keep up with the sheer amount of technology being introduced on a yearly basis let alone the training required or the diagnostic computers which are expensive themselves.

The smart approach if you are worried about repair costs is to buy an extended service contract. They used to be a stupid purchase on a Japanese vehicle since they were basic vehicles with reliable engines and transmissions. Now they are sophisticated, complicated, and when even a window regulator that makes your power window go up and down costs upwards of 700 dollars to fix, why would you not spend $2,000 on a 5-8 year service contract? Then you have your repair budget figured out, add your maintenance costs and, for the most part, you have elimated a great deal of any risk exposure.
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