Q: Autostick shifts to neutral on 2004 Chrysler Crossfire

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I have had the car for two years and with alarming frequency if I downshift too agressively or if I am simply upshifting while accelerating if I back off the throttle the transmission shifts completely into neutral and I have to coast to the side of the road shlip into park and then back into gear and the trans will act mormally again. This is really dangerous. Has anyone had the same problem or understand why the trans does this? Obviously it's over rev protection ut this is whether I am in autostick mode or just driving.
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It is a safety feature on the transmition to keep you from doing anything that will damage it.
My 2006 Crossfire has done the same thing. At the dealer right now. Don't know the answer yet but this is very dangerous. I tried to accelerate merging into traffic going up a bridge and the car slipped into neutral. OMG I thought I was going to die!
my car is doing the same :( i will get it to the dealer tomorrow will let you guys know,..