Automotive Hall of Fame Inductee Mort Schwartz to Advisory Board

RepairPal Announces Appointment of Automotive Hall of Fame Inductee Mort Schwartz to Advisory Board

November 11, 2008 – Emeryville, Calif., – RepairPal (, the most accurate, relevant, and impartial source for auto repair and maintenance information available to consumers, today announced the addition of new advisory board member Mort Schwartz, an accomplished executive and leader in the automotive industry.  Schwartz was inducted into the Automotive Hall of Fame last month in Dearborn, Michigan, joined by Paul & Robert Galvin of Motorola fame, early Formula 1 driver Phil Hill, legendary automotive journalist Bob Irvin, and 3 others.

Schwartz's 40-year career includes directorships and chairmanships of several major industry organizations including APAA (Automotive Parts and Accessories Association), AWDA (Automotive Warehouse Distributors Association), and the California Automotive Wholesalers Association.  He is a founder of the Global Automotive Aftermarket Symposium.  Schwartz currently serves on the board of directors of WORLDPAC, a major aftermarket parts distributor, is a consultant to General Parts Inc., and serves as a Trustee of the University of the Aftermarket Foundation.  Schwartz served as a Captain in the U.S. Army and taught at Rutgers University.  He earned his Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Industrial Engineering from New York University.  He was the recipient of a Doctor of Laws honoris causa from Northwood University in 2007.

“Mort Schwartz has been a true friend and advocate for RepairPal, and we couldn't be happier about his joining our advisory board and recent induction into the Automotive Hall of Fame, the highest level of recognition one can achieve within the automotive industry,” said David Sturtz, CEO and co-founder of RepairPal.

Other awards Schwartz has received include AWDA Man of the Year, MEMA (Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association) Triangle Award, APAA Executive of the Year, AWDA Martin for Lifetime Achievement Award, ASC (American Specialty Cars) Presidents Award, Automotive Hall of Fame Distinguished Service Award, and the Northwood Automotive Education Award.

"I am proud to help RepairPal provide a much needed and innovative service for the automotive industry, one that will help both consumers and high-quality automotive professionals at the same time," said Mort Schwartz, Founding Partner of Schwartz Advisors, a strategic consulting and M&A advisory for the automotive industry.

Other RepairPal advisors include Hal Logan, Senior Vice President of Strategic Planning and Industry Relations for Manheim Inc., the world’s leading provider of automotive services to commercial sellers and auto dealers; Christopher Michel, founder and former CEO of Affinity Labs and; James Currier, founder and former CEO of and co-founder of Ooga Labs; Stan Chudnovsky, former CEO of and co-founder of Ooga Labs; and David Potts, Principal of Cascade 10, an industry veteran and strategic consultant to the online automotive industry.

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