Q: automatic transmission won't engage; acts like its in neutral when it's in gear. on 2003 Ford Taurus

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My 2003 Ford Taurus suddenly wouldn't engage the automatic transmission and acted like it was in neutral when I put it in gear (reverse or forward). I had it towed and it is currently in the shop. They first told me that I needed a complete rebuild. I balked at the price, over $2,000, and told them I would need to think about whether the car was worth it. The shop called back and said that they could replace with a used transmission for about $1100. Since then, I have had 3 people tell me that I need a torque converter and a front pump. 1) should I call the shop and ask about a torque converter and front pump? 2) what would I expect to pay for a torque converter and front pump? Thanks!
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If you request a repair understand you do so at your own risk! You pay weather it works or not. So no suggestion from me. Other than let the shop tell you what is needed. They have the vehicle and know what's wrong, nobody else does. That's just how it is. If they put these parts in it will be with NO warranty even if it doesn't work. The only way they can stand behind it is to rebuild or replace it. However i understand your side of this too. Stuff is just expensive too expensive!!
These cars are nortorius for bad transmissions. The only safe way to go is with a rebuilt transmission with a warranty. This may exceed value of car. I would have to see the car to give my opnion.