Q: Automatic transmission shifting hesitation and knock on 2002 Volvo V70 XC

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The tranny seems to slip intermittently and when it connects there is often a rev and knock. Especially happens on turns where you deccelerate a bit and then accelerate coming out of the turn. It hesitates to kick into gear then "bam"! Sometimes it happens on the highway when you are in higher gears. It is inconsistent. I checked tranny fluid and it was down 3/4 qt and added it. It appears, somehow, to happen less when the tank has at least 1/4 tank of gas in it... When nearing redline it appears to get worse. Car has 110K on it. Ideas?
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I have almost the same problem as StephenR. I took my car to a shop where a former Volvo worker opened and he said I need new tie rods and front struts but that nothing was wrong with the transmission. Do you think I should take mine to a Volvo dealership and ask for a software update first before I spend any money. It feels like the problem is transmission related, not front struts or tie rods. Thanks,