Q: Automatic Transmission - No forward gears. on 1999 Dodge Ram 1500

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My transmission bagan slipping badly on upshift then lost all forward gears completely. Reverse works with the lever either in reverse or first gear position. I removed the pan and found a small metal part in the pan. It is shaped sort of like the fearher-end of an arrow. It has a unthreaded hole in one end and a 'V' in the other. It is approx 1.25 inches from the hole to the 'V' and 1 inch at the span of the 'feather'. If this helps any: A few weeks before the complete failure I could not for the transmission into park even if I disconnected the
linkage and shifted at the transmission. Any ideas are greatly appreciated.
(1) Answer
This all indicates that you likely have transmission failure. Better take this to a transmission shop and see what your options are. Try an ATRA shop if there's one near you: