Q: automatic seatbelt fixit ticket on 1990 Toyota Camry

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I bought my toyota camry from a friend. i got a fix it ticket because the top belt on the passangers side doesnt go back sometimes and sometimes in the middle of no where without warning it will go back. What do you think the problem is, does anyone know how much its ganna cost? Please help!
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There's a sensor that triggers the seat belt to move the sensor or switch should be in the door look to see if its stuck use some WD 40 if it is, if not look into getting it service i would also check the motor which makes the seat belt work.
well there is like a rubber button on the side and when i push that nothing happens. It mite be a short. I bought the car used off of someone and they did the same. I think it mite be a short. If it is the motor, do you think it will cost a lot?
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