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Q: Automatic Seat Belt. Drivers Side. on 1990 Toyota Camry

I am wondering if any one knows if there are any recalls/defects on a 90 Toyota Camry. For the automatic seat belt.
I received a ticket for not wearing mine. Told him it was not working right and he did not care.
Found out later on that it i shut/slam the door several times and it would work. I hope that some one on here could tell me what the problem is.
The passenger side works fine.
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there must be a button or switch that control the automatic seat belt, I see one auto seat belt switch ( spool release switch ) and one lock switch and looks like they are only available at the dealer
I had the problem of the seat belts not working on the driver side when I first got the car. I swapped a use 'door lock mechanism' from another camry and then it worked fine. Something in the mechanism was not completing the circuit allowing for it to close. If you want to test your motor for your door, you have to take off your mid-door panels (careful!! the tabs underneath at the middle top and bottom may crack off) and then break apart the plug putting some power to the motor/completing the circuit make the seat belt move. I have read that some of the motors go... but in the past 5 years of 87-91 camrys , i haven't had one go yet. My problem has been with 'seatbelt warning module' located under the center console. My 1990 V6 camry has a different module than the 4-cyl. As a replacement, the 4-cyl module works the seat belts but then it causes the transmission to not get out of 1st gear. So I think I have to find a V6 Toyota that has the same module or the exact one to solve the blowing of the fuse for that 'GAUGES' circuit 7.5 amp. There was 1 wire that was drawing too many amps, so I following the yellow wire with a silver dash (I think thats the dash?), along the door and under the driver seat... but then it goes towards the front by the gas pedal and I haven't dug that deeply... yet. I know that it has to be the seatbelt warning module because when I replaced it with the 4 cyl module it worked. Well, the seat belts worked properly. It was the tranny that wouldn't shift out of first after that. The tranny will shift w/o the module in, but then the seatbelts won't be operational. If I leave in the old module, it will blow the fuse. So I think that I have to find the original or maybe another 6 cyl module. I just find it odd that the seatbelt warning module would have something to do with the tranny??? Go figure!
well i had a similar problem with my camry i took the gear out of the motor located at the bottom of the door your seat belt wont work but it will lock into place when you pull it bak so you will be safe and wont get anymore tickits as for telling that cop about it your lucky he dident give you another ticket for operating an unsafe vehicle
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