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Q: auto trans seems to slip when frist starting,and down shifts rough,goes away on 1994 Subaru Impreza

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trans fluid has tiny bubbles and fluid dark.the slipping comes and goes.and the power light comes on and off and goes away.checked the self code engine light just keeps flashing.until unplugged
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I have never changed the fluid in trans heard it makes the trans really slip.The fluid isnt really dark checked again today and no fluid lose.what is DTCs and no it hasnt been scanned.It also slips if i stop at a light even after driving and goes away the pick up is fine once i get moving.then i can be at a light and it will go like nothing ever happened.
DTCs are 'diagnostic trouble codes' , that may give you a better understanding of the cause of the problem. Check the owners manual for factory recommended interval for fluid change. I would recommend ONLY factory fluid is used at this point. Filter change also if applicable(I didn't look it up , but I believe those have a serviceable filter). Good luck.
Thank you for your expert advise I will check it outalso what if it has 165,000 miles and never changed the trans fluid do it anyway
Yes I would change it. REMEMBER- LOVE YOUR SUBARU- use factory stuff! DO NOT LET ANYONE TALK YOU INTO A 'TRANS FLUSH' just a fluid and filter change! I suggest warmed up when it's done.
Thank you very much for your help. I notice this morning when going to work the power light came on ,but notice that the light flashed like long flash and 15 short flashes could that be a trouble code
I'm not familiar enough with subaru to answer the flashing light question. THIS IS what we both know----you are having a transmission problem and it most likely will not fix itself. For your $ake get it checked ASAP , if it's still at the point of being servicable , as opposed to rebuilt or replaced .
You're welcome AND please post the outcome here , so other people can read , in case they have a similar issue! GOOD LUCK!
I just found out that my car is starting in 2nd instead of drive or first. the car place said there are no codes showing but they dont know they tried to tell me that its running ok ,and its still not. im still checking to see what i can do next
Are you bringing it to a trans shop, jiffy lube type place or regular auto repair shop? Sounds like an electrical issue. Did you (or the shop try shifting it manually? does it even have a selection for 1st gear? some auto. trans only go to L2 not L1, so if it doesn't allow for manual selection of first gear then forget that idea. IF it has a button for snow/ice make sure that is not engaged , that may cause a second gear start. Also , until it's fixed take off as gently as possible until up to about 20 MPH.
I took the car to a subaru dealer to see if any codes were found .none so they say. the mechanic test drove it also and said its starting in 2nd he changed the fluid they said theres no fliter in those trans only a screen.then drove it again.then he said its running fine.i drive it and its still doing it.I was so pi....anyway imchecking it out tomorrow all the wires and any fuses and shifter for adjustments. Can you believe they didnt know, all they want is money
IF you paid the subaru dealer and they said it was 'FINE' bring it back and confront them!!!!! I'll be damned if I work at the only dealership that kisses customer butt!!! YOU paid THEM for their EXPERT SUBARU diagnosis if they said it was fine go on another test drive with the tech that worked on it and have them show you 'FINE' ..........If they can -with an explanation maybe , then let it go , and post the results here and maybe someone else will have a suggestion of what to do. (KEY to all this ranting- make sure you drive WITH the tech). Good luck.
it sounds like you need a transmission, the fluid bening means the trans has burnt the fluid... sorry to give you the bad news
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