Q: Auto shifter switch is in auto to 4wd. Automatically shifted from 2wd. on 2005 Chevrolet Tahoe

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Is trans in rear wheel mode or front wheel mode or both. Is it safe to continue without replacing defective parts?
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If it is in "AUTO" mode, it will be ok for a while. The Auto mode allows for torque transfer only if a wheel or set of wheels starts slipping. It is always in 2-wheel drive until a wheel slips, then the xfer case is engaged. However, on dry pavement, this is not a great idea. Having the 4-wheel drive active on dry ground is not a great thing. There will be issues with low speed turning manuevers, and some extra whining noise at higher speeds. Also, your gas mileage can suffer. Can you get it to shift back out of Auto and back to 2WD? If not, get it diag before replacing any parts. It could be the xfer case control module, the encoder motor, or the switch, or even a wiring issue. Don't waste money throwing parts at it.
Thanks, I had a professional trans man tell me the same thing. Repair cost wasn't as bad as I thought. Getting repaired before I hit the road again. Appreciate the help.