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Audi TT Quattro (11 Reviews)
2011 Audi TT Quattro Coupe: three times in 7000 miles I suffered through ignition coil failures. First time at 26000 miles, second at 31000, and third at 32000. Each was a different ignition coil, and all three were replaced under warranty. But, I was not told by the service rep at the Audi dealer that Audi recognized this as a continuing problem, until after the third failure. During the third service, the final two were replaced with the new part number, and I was "assured" that this would resolve my problem. If you own a 2011 TT, you might want to inquire of your dealer's service dept. about possible switching out of the old part number with authorized replacement part.
Great car loved it so I bought a newer one 2008 with 3.2 love it even more.
Love my tt,but can anyone tell me what is wrong with it? It has a banging sound which only makes a noise in 1st gear on acceloration.It sounds like it is coming from the front driver's side wheel.It is not the gearbox,could this be a strut top mount or a bush of somekind.It has been to the garage and they are having difficulties in finding the problem.I have been told that everything is fine,obviously not as i can feel the knock through the footwell.
Regards M Rogers
2003 TT Quatro 6 speed manual: Headlight low beams occasionally don't work. Replaced both balast & both bulbs ($300 parts); lights still don't work regularly. Dash indicator shows headlight out when they're both working. Can't seem to fix this headlight problem - got pulled over several times for no headlight(s). Often try to start engine & alarm goes off. At 115k miles the shifter fork broke inside manual transmission leaving the car stuck in first gear; $2,500 repair at local shop.
I am generally happy with the car, but I have had a rear control arm break 4 times in the last 2 years. This part was recalled in 2002, but apparently was not replaced with a sufficient part. Every mechanic has commented on how light-duty the part seems. Audi International and the local dealer have been difficult to deal with.
The car is great but has given me plenty of problems:
Once I had to replace the entire dashboard instruments set because they stopped working, very expensive!
I also have problems with the sway bar, making noises.
Finally, the MAF sensor is now causing intermitent failure of the turbo; I will replace it next week hoping that helps.
Finally, I have had watter heating problems when running at high revs in the highway.
I love this car! The 225 engine is the way to go. I have had some problems though. It has had problems with the coolant temp sensor, MAF, Brake pedal sensor, Alternator, and the AC/Heat blows out small pieces of foam. Still i love the damn thing. Its just such a sexy car!
Love the car!! Got it used and get awsome comments from my classmates. Very reliable
Believe it or not, this car has many multiple uses. Sporty and feel the road type driving. putting the seats down in the back transforms the truck into a huge open space. i've put multiple snowboards and gear, full size road bike, memory foam bed (before it was expanded), Olympic size bench (before assembled), 45 lb bar, 250 pounds of bar bells. gas mileage is about 400 freeway miles on a 16 gallon tank. you can even fit a few leprechauns in the back seats when necessary. you get the best of both worlds with this ride
This car is one of the best bang for your buck. My friends call it a Poor man's Porsche...It is well designed, well executed and well balanced. After driving alternatives, I cannot find a vehicle that drives as well, parks anywhere, and is good on gas. I average approx 24MPG.
love the car