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Audi Allroad Quattro (10 Reviews)
Is this car pure sex or what!? I just love the styling of it, can stare at it's sleek & sexy lines all day! The passing power is wonderful as is the Quattro action whether rain or snow I feel secure. Yes the many dollars spent on maintenance & repairs and the turbo lag are so annoying, but I love my Allroad!
Sorry to hear the new model lacks in power and has deleted the manual transmission means I won't be buying another.
do not buy this car. its lie a beautyfull wife that u cant sleep with . you will only spend money on it but you wil not use it.

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to Allroad fans,

"I had a leak in the front left air suspension, just put some Slime tire sealant (just unscrew the red wire(air hose)squeeze half a bottle of Slime) it fixed my air leak and the suspension works great! The dealer was asking 1700$ for it, I did it for 12$..."

- i found the above awesome post in Audiworld and many thanks- to the original person who shared this info... it really works!(i want to add that some would suggest removing the suspension rod to shake and spread the seal after squeezing in the Slime - - instead, i drove my allroad on the freeway and drove over several over several small lane-divider bumps-does the same thing- no more leaks!) ... i saved that 1700$ i would have spent.. it is now in my emergency/vacation fund. (...i really like this allroad!- i have two 2005 2.7Turbo ~ 1 black and 1 silver....they are extremely fast-like lightning passing-fast on the freeways.

-drive safely my fellow allroad fans.
great car. stylish, durable and fast. would buy another in a heartbeat.
Always keep the car on level one suspension height around town, and it should last a very long time. Only raise it up when on dirt, snow, or other natural disaster conditions.

Where else can you get Porsche passing power on the freeway and rural mountains in complete luxury? This car is capable of some very incredible things, for your money spent. In snowy areas - the allroad tracks with confidence and aplomb without chains, while everybody else's 2WD is slipping and sliding everywhere. Try driving up a 25% rocky, rutted hill without spinning out. The allroad does it with the ease of a Dune Buggy.

Every thrill has its cost. The Audi allroad puts a wide grin on my face that's simply priceless. Life is too short to be driving uninspiring and boring only live ONCE - make it count!!!
The 4.2 V8 is a very durable engine, and with the bulletproof drivetrain, this car should last anyone a good long time. That is, as long as you can keep up with all the wear-and-tear parts as they inevitably give out. Hoses and suspension components will crack and leak, especially in cold weather (but that's the trade off here for a car that's virtually unstoppable in deep snow). Parts are expensive because of the car's uniqueness, doubly so on cars with the V8 (it uses parts not found on any other Audi) instead of a V6. Can't argue with that V8 exhaust note and low-end torque, though!
The interior is standard Audi brilliance, and aside from a few scuffs, my example is in excellent condition after five years and 85,000 miles.
2001 Allroad Quattro:
Really like the car when there are no problems.
But, it seems that there is always something that needs repairing, from broken armrest cover to rear wheel bearings, timing belts, vacuum problems, electrical problems,tire issues...
Also, very expensive to maintain.
I am not sure what my next vehicle will be...
Overall I would give the Allroad Quattro a 6 out of 10.
The car is fantastic when it runs... but be aware of the costly repaired: as already mentioned, the front air spring suspension will set you back 1000 dollars each (they WILL fail)the front brake (rotors and pads) is a 500 dollars job. Leaks in the 2.7T engine are common. The reliability is horrible, but the driving dynamics make up for that. I wouldn't recomend to buy one unless you are planning to save thousands of dollars to maintain it.
For the right owner these can be great cars.Not an SUV and not an avant this is the right mix of both.Somewhat high maintenance , a great performer and stylish.The proven Quattro four wheel drive system works well with the air suspension.A real joy is the V-8 with the manual transmission.Hard to find though.
Many very high mileage daily drivers on the road still.A sought after choice in the used car market attest to their popularity.
Stay away from this car and it's "Air Suspension". Nothing but a very, very expensive nightmare. Also had to spend lots of money on a steering rack for this car. A total horror show. Wait until they release the new Allroad here in the US...don't waste your money on this version.