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I have been in love with Audi's for a long, but unfortunately maintenance related issues have been burdensome.
I have the 2014 A4. It rides well. I take it to Midas for any mechanical needs due to the HIGH COST at the dealer. I have 58,000 miles and I just experienced a check engine for low oil light. This seems kind of impossible because I just had the oil changed at Midas. I will stop by the Midas shop to see what the problem is. Audi needs to put a better maintenance plan with the cars they are selling.. Audi also refused to re-set the message for needing an oil change because they did not perform the service...
my 97 audi a4 quattro does not accelerate with the gas pedal floor or half way .You floor it and wait for the car to gain speed trouble code p1136,p1476 band p0441 with 242652 miles it burn oil
I bought the car new I had to bring it back to replace the radiator. Twice I had to have it towed back to the dealer because it would not start. The check engine light went on about three times. I had to bring it back to the dealer to find out why. It was bogging down from the stop on acceleration. All of those problems happened when it was still under warranty. After that I had to replace the gas pump, the wind shield whipper motor. After of all the problems that I had to repair, The engine blue around 95,000 miles. I replaced the engine. If any one wants to by it, let me know....
all 4 wheels just locked up on me while driving down interstate?
1999 Audi A4 Quattro 1.8 turbo. Since of two weeks ago my car takes a while to start the first time and the engine doesn't sound like it is running at its full potential. So then I will turn it off and restart it and it will start almost instantly. Also since of the past two weeks my car doesn't seem like it has as much power and sometimes makes a whooshing sound but I can only hear it from within the car. The thing that is kinda bothering me though is that the weather is starting to get around -5 to +1 and the car should be starting better then it did when it was -20 to -30 outside.
the car overheats, steam comes from the back of the motor when warmed up and eventually overheats. the steam comes from the top of a piece on the back of the motor and has no hose attatched. and the heater blows cold are all the time
Hi, i was just wondering where i could find a Mass air flow sensor for my 1999 audi a4 quattro for a decent/cheaper price? It needs a new one because its making a clunking noise and it shakes when it does it, and after that i have absolutely no power in my car. You can email me at, or just respond on this. Thanks.
Just got this car a month ago. Car seemed to run well however there was a little squeaky noise when accelerated on first and second gears. It stopped as i drove it more. Check engine light come on and off. Now the oil light cam up, added oil and its still on. Havent driven it (this just happened this weekend). As i tried to drive it to get it checked it started a rattly noise coming from underneath the engine, I dont know much about cars but this noise doesnt sound good. sounds like something grinds, almost as if the gear was stuck. It stops once you get to 3rd gear, but will come back as you slow down. It starts as soon as you start the car. Shifting gears are smooth and car starts normal, its just the going that seems to get the noise out the most. If you know what this could be let me know.
car running hot
I bought my 2006 brand new. Didn't have a problem until I reached 75,000 miles. Now I have an oil leak, my left engine mount is leaking, and my left bushing is cracked. I am wondering if this is just the first of major repair bills, do I fix it, or do I get rid of it. Of all the cars I have had both new and used with miles up to 150,000 I have never had an oil leak. And by the way, the other cars were all American made.
Anonymous the oil pressure problem you are expeirencing is due to sludge if you followed the manufacturers recomended oil change intervals at 10000 miles you are in trouble the dealer is well auare of the problem they are stringing you along so they are not liable it is a process and maintance intervals have to be veriphyed that you used the proper oil and filters to get any warenty on this problem look up low oil pressure problems audi a4 1.8t you will see what i mean I have actualy removed the engine out of my a4 to clean the block and install a new oil pickup screen in the engine the continued running of this engine in your situation will take out your turbo if it hasen"t already and then your cam bearings will get tight and take out the timing belt so good luck and do not run it if you can avoid it you will need a very good mechanic to work on this situation not a shade tree very tempermental engine
I am having a serious problem with my Audi. Dealership doesn't even know what it is. When the oil temp. reaches 200 the oil light in car goes on and off every few minutes. I have had 2400.00 worth of work trying to repair problem and still it persist. If you know what this might be, please e-mail me.
My Audi A4 is excellent. It has 92.000 miles and continues in perfect condition. I drove it in Italy for a year and a half (miles a day - 110 - speed 110 to 120 miles per hour. I love my Audi A4 Quattro- is excellent.
The problem that has been on going with my 1999 Audi A4 is the cruise control when I set it, it may stay on for 500 miles or it may stay on for 5 miles and sometimes it will not set at all but I deal with it as I love my car!!!!! I would not trade it for an American car of any brand, it gets great gas milage and has all the power that I need and it handles great!! What more could I want? Maybe just a newer one but that I cannot afford so I will drive this one til it literally falls apart. I do my own work on my car, it is my baby not a mechanics. I donot want ANYONE to touch it internally but myself.
I have been driving my 2001 A4 Quattro Avant V6 2.8 for about 4 or 5 months. Overall I think it is a good vehicle. It is my first Audi, and I bought it used for a good price because it is older and higher mileage.
So basically, I am speaking from the perspective of an aging Audi, for potential used car buyers.

Body and interior have several luxury features including an excellent sound system, moon roof, and layout. Complaints here include noisy, cheap-feeling plastics, and electronic glitches. For example, in cold weather, the moon roof will automatically shut on its own if I have it tilted. I open it again, stays open about 5-10min shuts again. If I want to open it, I just have to slide it back instead of tilt. Cup holders, as mentioned in reviews below, are ridiculous. You can only fit something the size of a can in there, and location is not very handy. The electronic display messes up frequently making the information you rely on, such as current mpg, indecipherable. Also the warning system needs some kind of snooze to it. In mine, a water pump in the washer reservoir is cracked, so my fluid is always low. Instead of being able to read radio/stereo info on my dash, I have to watch the fountain animation reminding me to fill my fluid, constantly.
I find the brakes to be a bit lacking, but like most things in this car, it depends on the situation. Stopping distance seems to improve if you are at higher speeds. I think this may related to the engine assisted ABS where, somehow, energy from the engine is transferred to your ABS system. Audis make adjustments for drivers all the time in order to improve performance, but this can be a burden for those of us who expect machines to respond consistently. I highly recommend you put an Audi through all of its paces at test drive to see it it suits you.
Drive train is not too bad. My transmission feels sluggish from a stop, so I will often switch to manual shift to to get moving a little more efficiently. It is wonderful to have that option. If the car is getting older, like mine, it is difficult to diagnose the problem. There is no dipstick to check the current state of your fluid, and a complete fluid change kit with filter runs around $120, not too bad. However handling and power are both really nice, and make this car a great cruiser on trips, or slaloming around corners to get the kids from school. There are also many ways in which this car will leak oil, which is apparently common as they get older, and changing seals can get expensive.
When I bought the car, the blinker relay needed replaced, but it solved the lighting issues that came with the car for only around $35 (replacing it myself). In a non-HID system like mine, the headlights seem a little weak, but replacement bulbs are cheap and easy to find, and aftermarket light kits are everywhere.
Apart from the common leaks and expensive repair costs, the engine seems very sound, and I think that Audi engineers really nailed it. Do not expect good gas mileage in the older Audis (not sure how the new 6 cylinders fair though), but performance is far far better than your common econo-driver.
Exhaust is pretty blah in these cars, no sound, no flash of detail. Designers apparently took an out-of-sight-out-of-mind attitude toward the exhaust system. Upgrading one may yield better performance and sound. I'd also guess that emissions on older Audis were not a primary concern, so be careful.
Heat has not worked in this car since I bought it because the engineers designed the heater coil to filter the coolant system. This is really frustrating considering the heater coil lies under all of the dash components and center console, all of this stuff has to get ripped out to replace the coil when it clogs (and it will clog). Most people do a back-flush of their heater coils which should remove the sludge that builds up, but regular replacement of the "lifetime" coolant will probably help prevent the problem in your Audi.
Suspension is above average in these cars, the ride feels great, though a bit noisy. In mine, I discovered a coilover (spring) broke in the rear of the car and the noise was considerable because it threw my shock out of whack. I have talked to mechanics and other owners who say that over time the suspension parts get noisy, and wheel bearings go bad often, causing road noise. Generally, these replacement parts are no more expensive than other cars, and if you find a trustworthy mechanic or do it yourself, replacement shouldn't be too bad either.

I wanted to be as detailed as possible to help you be an informed buyer if interested. I wouldn't recommned an Audi to someone on a very fixed income, or who could not afford to have it serviced regularly.
If you want to own a luxury car to be worry/hassle free while continuing to be an excellent performer, look elsewhere.
In my opinion, Audis are cars made for people who are willing to spend the money needed for regular maintenance and servicing (which will be considerable) in order to keep an excellent performer performing excellently.

49000 miles the engine is gone, than the camshaft .
Do not buy this as a used car. They do not lost.
The mileage is bad, road holding is soso
I love this car because it had all the maintenance done by the previous owner. He told me he added up the cost of maintenance and repairs and it equaled $200 a month in car payments.
I bought my 2003 A4 Audi at 95,000 miles. I bought it with a leak in the rear flange and it needed a new clutch. These 2 repairs together cost $2k My Audi now has 105,000 miles on it and I have not had any other problems with it. I drive it like a grandma shifting between 2500 and 3500 rpms depending on the roads speed limit and weather conditions. I test the acceleration about every 500 miles. Everything seems to be going great I drive approximately 150 + miles a day on average and I have change the oil twice and getting close to time to change it a third time. My oil still looks good and new when I change it :) I want to take good car of my car and I hope it last a good long time.
i stiil cant figure out were to recharge the a/c though
i love this car for real germany cars are worthy to me i've had 3 all ready but the audi is been one of my best rides i have this a4 quattro since 2000 and still looking great the only 3 issues it gives me is the suspension head liner and A/C. no clutch problems yet/ no engine problems it also gives a couple problems with the lights but no thing serious MOST OF THIS VEHICLES JUST NEED A GOOD DRIVER
Complete piece of crap. Bought the car brand new and it had electrical problems when it came off the lot. Spent the first 6 weeks we owned it (literally) at the dealership trying to fix it. Has had the radio replaced 3 times. Developed an oil leak at 40,000 miles. Torque converter and catalytic converter needed replacing at 70K miles. And NOTHING on this car is cheap to fix. Latest issue cost $4100. Will be getting rid of it.

On the annoying side - the cup holder stinks (and broke early on). The interior looks great but doesn't wear very well; the flat black surfaces are peeling. The windshield fogs up every time you turn the air conditioner on.

I have had this car for two years and I love it. The handling on the rain its great with the factory tires but the suspension adjusts very well to weather conditions. I have top it @ 130mph and the car asks for more. I would recomend it to anyone.
nice car, its a very aggresive winter car, good for first car
This is my Third Audi. I have the exact one in the picture. I can tell you its expensive to maintain. Expect problems with the Ac. Had to replace the compressor at 140K. Also there is a common problem with the ABS. Faulty communication with the main computer leaves a solid red and yellow flashing abs on the dash. Expect to pay close to $1200 to replace. I dont know why Audi dont recall this. It is a saftey issue. By the way if you're ever in the Turnersville Area of New Jersey. Stay away from the dealership there. They are dishonest!!!. If replacing your exhaust, make sure everything is direct-fit or else it your check engine light will stay on. Overall I like this car, but dont buy it if you're not prepared to spend $$$$ on repairs.
I just bought my 2001 A4 Audi Quattro and I am content with the car but th eonly thing that is troubling me is the Heater. Only cold air seems to come out of the vents even with the car being driven and started properly. It is very cold at the moment and I am suffering my having to dress extra layers of clothes just to drive my car.
had my car since brand new on january 2002.
2002/2003/2004 were covered under warranty.
My repair bills for 2005- $2592.00, 2006- $3906.00, 2007 $2660.00, 2008 $1557.00, 2009 $2407.00
TOTAL $ 13106.00/ 246492 kms = 5.3 cents per KM

This is double the recommended average br CAA Canada.
Also my reapirs woudl have been much higher if I let AUDI dealer do this.

im 19 first car i bought for myself for living in new york its great for its size. love how quik it is, but not enough room to see its true patential=( only have 41k on serious issues just the pricey air pump that varies from $275 to $400. other than parts being to much i have no complants absolutly love the after market choices!!
I love the Car (A4 Avant 3.0). Just bought it so time will tell. So far it's exactly what I was hoping for in an Audi. Unfortunately I have to get the timing belt service done soon. Very pricey on the 6 cylinder.
I love my Audi A4. With Quattro you can gun it through turns and live to brag about it to your friends. After owning the car for 3 years I still love taking a 35mph turn at 65 and laughing confidently as the tires grab the road and whip you forward.