2004 Audi TT Quattro Questions

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Tried console button to open fuel tank lid to check for tight gas cap and lid wouldn't open. Manually opened it, tightened gas cap, still have same problem. What's up?
If the rear tire is .2 inches different than the front is that ok on a Quatro?
if its wet outside when i start up car a loud beeping sound begins which resets then goes off again in this pattern for about 10 minutes
Some time ago (3 months), my drivers window stopped going down automatically, when I just hit the button (it will go down if I hold the button down). And then, suddenly one day it did, and then a couple of weeks later it stopped again. It has not gone down automatically since. And then one morning, I noticed the drivers window stopped dropping down slightly when I opened the door.
Hi; what is the procedure to remove and replace spark plugs ? is there a special tool, my E MAIL is; QUIROZRAUL@ROCKETMAIL.COM Thank You.
Firstly – the switches for the, boot open, petrol cap open, and the internal alarm, stopped working.
Then the stereo stopped producing sound (but still works ok as it was tested in another car)
Then I put the car into highland audi who tested it and said they found nothing wrong (i.e. the electrical faults fixed themselves) except for the stereo producing no sound – then they told me I need a new amplifier (but I don’t know whether or not to trust this conclusion)
I took the car back from Audi and parked it outside my house for a week. Went out to the car opened the door and an alarm (beep) noise sounded) then it came up on the dash ‘FUSE’ and the power went dead. There was also a ticking noise coming from behind the dash board at the drivers side. This ticking stopped if I turned on the headlights (although they can’t actually come on as I have no power left in the battery) tho the ticking still stopped when the switch was turned to on.
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