2001 Audi TT Quattro Questions

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I just bought this 2001 tt roadster with 1.8 turbo & it is getting hot but not leaking any coolant. Took top radiator hose off while at an idle & nothing was coming out
still overheating
What other issues should be looked at
won't connect with any reader no check engine lights car running fine.. help
Windows won't roll down; convertible top, trunk and gas tank flap won't open; and security system won't function. I think that's a relay, but I don't know where to look. Help! Thanks.
Battery drained after about 10 minutes of running. Both battery lights and EPC light on.
Noise has started today. Whinnying noise occurs when driving and also stationary when turning steering left to right. I have checked the fluid level with engine turned off and the level looks ok.? Is it safe to drive to a garage to be checked out?
I have just bought this car and have since noticed small patches of oil my drive way. I have checked the oil level and it seems fine.
I put the top down the other day and now even when the top is up the dash warning light for it won't go out.Can you please help me fix this. I've spent enough recently on this car and it goes for another diagnostic for another matter tomorrow. Thankyou.
Upon starting the car on a very rainy day, the passenger window (driver window hasn't worked for some time)suddenly began opening and closing (sometimes all the way, sometimes just 1/2" or so), did that all day. By evening, the door lock from inside, interior lights, and convertible top had also stopped working (as had the passenger window, but started working again shortly thereafter). The car also doesn't recognize key remote but that seems to be a different issue??
are the dots suppose to be on the left or on the right side?
it ran hot for the first time today so I added coolant but it is leaking out. What should I do?
Every time I start my car I can hear it turning over, but will not start. When I put the key in the position of when I put in the egnition, it will start. (always starts second-third time. If I have driven the car an the engine is warm, it will start back up on first try. Any help?! Thanks.
I just bought a 2001 audi tt quattro, an the previous owners had it taken to a mechanic to have the cover gaskets replaced. Apparently from the knocking noise, it is one of the valves. I cannot find anywhere on the internet on how to adjust the valve. I have had BMW's so I am new to working on the engine of an audi. Any help? Thanks.
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