2000 Audi TT Quattro Questions

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Replaced the battery and now the car will not start. There is no power to the car. Almost seems like the security system has locked down. Only fault code is for upstream O2 sensor.
need to fix power steering pressure hose just bought ity any tips? and also going to install a catless racing exhaust from magnaflo looks really tight space under hood ne easy way for these jobs?
Recently purchased used car in Italy. Because of the language barrier and peolple thinking all Americans are rich I'm leary of the price quoted. The shop stated all my motor mounts need to be replaced. The car doesn't vibrate but it does have a deep creaking sound when releasing the clutch out of first and when going over speed bumps. Would this be a symptom of motor mounts or something else. Saw another post about the front sway bar.
How do I take this housing off in order to get the battery out and then replace the fuse housing? Thanks
the front windows drop to allow easy door closure but the drivers side does not operate is there a micro switch somewhere to control this also the fuel and temp gauges are intermittent in opperation
I start up my 2000 audi tt, when the outside temperature is around 20-30 degrees F, and the rpm meter moves to about 600 rpm's then jumps to about 1000, and does that reapetedly,(about every 2 seconds)until I drive it for a little while, then this occurs less often, until I start it up again in cold weather. I'm really curious to know if that means that my o2 sensor has failed or if my car's just getting old. It currently has 152000 miles on the odometer. If it may be something else, please inform me as well.
i changed the plugs, coils, mass airflow censor and fuel filter still having same problem noticed when i don't give it a lot of gas it isn't as bad.
This problem started a year ago but in the beginning only less than a minute and only when the weather temp. was low (close to or below 0 deg. cel.). Now is has become much worse and the instruments on/off can continue after start for 10-15 minutes even in quite warm weather. If the car is very heathed by the sun I never have this problem.
I fear my 2nd and 3rd gear syncro's are on their way out, I'm going to do a transmission fluid replacement ASAP to see if my gear grinding shift problems are solved. However, just in case-- how much does it cost to rebuild an 2000 Audi tt (quattro, manual trans.) transmission, and where would be some of the best places in the bay area to do this?
When I run the car cold (as it needs to be), and I shift into 2nd, it get an audible grind (but the gear catches fine). As the car warms up, the sound disappears completely on 2nd gear shift. Occasionally, I'll feel the gears grind when I shift into 3rd (hot or cold engine). Is it my clutch? Or my transmission? Would it need to be rebuilt, or can this be fixed by changing the tranny fluid?
How many miles would you expect to get before replacing a turbo. What would be a sign of impending failure? Looking at a quatro with 153k miles, well maintained.
my battery was dead so i jumped the car and now it will not go over 10 miles per hour and when I press on the gas nothing happens
I'd been having an intermittent problem with my car deciding to suddenly not restart after short drives. And a couple weeks ago it quit starting all together. The mechanic had it for a week, but only ever replaced one fuse for the computer, and then couldn't duplicate the problem. There are no codes coming back, but at one point in time the mechanic got an error that the air bag wasn't communicating with the computer, but even that error went away. I can hear the fuel pump kicking on, i've got compression and fire as well. I've replaced the battery, and the positive battery cable (which was in dire straits), the starter is fine...My auto knowledge is limited and i've simply ran out of ideas, I hate to take it back to the mechanic because they can't find the problem either. I also noticed that when the car suddenly decides it doesn't want to start, the radio will magically come on even with the key out, and if you turn the key on, the defrost/ac/fan will give a yellow flashing light and will become inoperative. Anyone have any ideas on something specific, or does it sound like a short, i'm not used to audis, and I am flat out stumped
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