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Dear community.

please help. I came to office this morning and wanted to go out for lunch and got into car. All is good! Electric is good. I put the key in however it just Didnt Crank. It wont turn over. When I turn the key to On, it make a light tik sound and nothing more. Fuel fine, Battery is green.

What do you think it could be?
Dear helpers,

I need a help please.

When I drive, every single shake, hump and rough surface where car will shake, a metal sound like as if a thin light metal is hitting another metal and making a tin tin tin noise depending on how hard the surface. It is coming from the right back side of the car. If I will drive harder on a hump it will shake and make louder noise.

What do you think this could be? Thank you a lot
I replaced the top blue temp sensor, and I think there is 2 more. Aux fan saith and a lower temp sensor. I just want to make sure...
How do I remove the plastic engine cover to change the headlight bulbs?
My TT developed a strange problem after a pretty heavy rainstorm. The car is completely dead - no lights, no dash, no starter turnover-not even a click. After a half dozen attempts the lights came on when the key was inserted and the car started normally. It idled normally... I turned it off and immediately tried to restart - dead. I let it sit in the sun for a second day to "dry out" but had the same problem starting. Once it started I drove around for about 20 minutes, pulled in the driveway shut it off and had the same start problem. Any ideas?
when i push the release in the car or on the key i hear the release, however the truck appears locked
AC works fine as long as I am driving over 20-30MPH, or if outside temperature is not very hot. AC Compressor cuts out if I am stopped.

I tested and the pressure sensor on the high side is causing the compressor to stop due to high pressure. Manual says fan should be running at least at speed 1 when AC compressor is activated, however, it does not, although at times it will run at speed 2 if engine gets hot enough.

Should I replace Fan Control Module? My theory is that not enough air is flowing over condenser coil, causing high pressure. Fans should be running, but are not, but since they work on high speed (speed 2) I suspect a problem with Fan Control Module.

Yesterday, while I was driving, the battery warning light came on, and just before turning the car off, I noticed the power was fluctuating, such as the windows were weak when I went to raise them, and the lights on the dashboard were going back and forth from dim to bright for a few seconds, then went away. My battery is less than a year old, and I have been needing to replace it about once per year or year-and-a-half. Today, I went to start it, and it made a series of quick clicking sounds, and definitely wouldn't start. I tried jumping it, but there was no change at all. Any help?
i have a 99 tt. instrument cluster no good. can i just plug and play repace with a brand new cluster. part #8N1 919 Thanks
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