2004 Audi S4 Questions

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Needs timing work
This is a convertible, now interior repairs done so do not know how it came loose. Or is the radio just malfunctioning?
can not see without pulling front clip off will not leak running at idle only when driving any clue were its coming from
The other day on my way home my car lost power lights ect. Went to have batt. tested, said was bed, purchased new one, proceded to test whether it was getting a charge...was not, I then noticed some remnants of belt being chewed up. So my thought was the belt broke, however the power steering still, its the belt, or alternator?? Any thoghts?? The car only has 61k mi. Thank you.
my b6 s4 has been taking a long time to start in cold weather when i turn key the car does nothing all the normal ligts appear on the dash but the motor does not turn over. and after about a minute or so of turning key on then off it finally starts this only happens when cold . I just put a new battery in yesterday and its still doing it .
i Changed the valve, I erased the check engine light, but still get the same code after driving 20mile.
my audi s4 will turn over for ages before it will start,but only happens when cold seems fine when warm,changed spark plugs &all filters an gave oil change,does anyone no what this could be?
does anyone no where the engine mount solenoid valve is & what it does & should it be repaired immediatly
every so often more so when sitting idling the coolant temp warning light flashes up on the cluster folowed by the washer warning light an the oil pressure,i no that i have a leaking washer bottle but was wondering if that could trigger the other ones to come on when it reaches low,i have drained the coolant system an put antifreeze in an also renewed coolant temp sensor aswel as the battery,could this be an electrical prob?an where would i start?
got water leak at front o/s bumper think its the washer bottle,will this need replaced?or does anyone no what else it could be
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