2004 Audi Allroad Quattro Questions

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Everytime the brakes are applied the warning symbol/tone comes on. The brake lights appear to work fine with the exception that the brake light on the hatch comes on with the headlights. The tone/warning light began when the rear undercarriage struck the lip of a ditch I was going over. Did find the rt side brake light bulb was seperated and changed it out. The tone is annoying as hell and I would like to disable it temporarily until this lighting issud is fixed.
and stay on for a few minutes then turn off. After several minute they come back on again and continue...
Just looking for the location of the fuel filter
When in level one and I want to go to level two it seams to take forever. It is the same on going up to any level.
Pump low pressure?? or leak in somewhere in piping?
What do you think is the obvious fault??
Does anyone know why this occurs? Also I have a scraping sound like a rubbing brake on the front left. Brakes are not the issue as they have been replaced with new rotors and pads. Could this have anything to do with my prop shaft seal which is shot?
I would've followed up my own question with this one, but it doesn't look like that is allowed.

I see where someone else had some wacky air suspension problems and so do I, where I hear the air pump in the back come on sometimes, I can't seem to raise the car. Sometimes it looks like it tries and then it doesn't work. Sometimes the dash light comes on without me touching a button. Not sure if the car is even level.

Although I'm considering eventually having a conversion kit installed, I have 2 questions for now.

1. With the cost of gas going up again, I was wondering if the pump causes significant fuel usage when it keeps turning.

2. In looking at the manual, I can see that the air suspension is on 2 separate fuses, with a few other things. The second fuse that it's on is for the navigation system (which I don't have) and automatic headlight adjustment (which is also resides on another fuse in addition to this one). Would it be a bad idea to just pull the fuse to stop this thing from going nuts? The other fuse that the air suspension is on, I just wouldn't touch, as there are waaay too many things on that fuse line.

2004 Audi Allroad V6 - CEL on. Pulled a code this morning. Torque converter. Under warranty. But what is that occasional jingly sound that's coming from under the hood on the passenger side. Does it have to do with the torque converter?
1. Why oh why is there a ski bag installed in the car. Has anyone out there found a better use for that spot?
2. Cargo shades/nets. Scuze me? Does anyone know if Audi or a 3rd party manufacturer makes a hard parcel shelf and a metal gate?
3. My hope is that a ton of work went into the engine, as people seem to love Audi's and allroads, in particular. But if I took the cockpit and cargo of my 1999 Saab 95 Sportswagon and put it in the Audi allroad, well there ya' go! Hard parcel shelf, cargo gate, pockets in the front of the seats, air conditioned glove box, GOOD cup holders, better moonroof. The Audi definitely has some features, but a redesign of the interior was due for that year. I thought that they were a competitor of Saab. Perhaps not. Oh well, they were obviously better at staying in business.
As I said in another post, I'm going to separate my questions so they're easier to read.

Just bought my car used with a warranty. Seems like the in dash CD changer is blocked. By what? I'm not sure. I hit the load button, but can't get a CD in. There are no CDs already in there. It looks like it's blocked by something in the center of the slit. Perhaps an item that detects you pushing in a CD. Anyone know why that would be so stuck?
I just purchased the car used with a 1 year warranty and it has some issues. I'll separate them and address just one here.

The air spring system is nuts. I hear the air pump in the back often when I start up the car, but there's no rhyme or reason or recognizable pattern to it. Sometimes the "Self Levelling Suspension" light comes on and then just stays on. Then it's off for days. If press the raise/lower buttons, at one point it was trying to raise. Tonight it didn't even try. Does anyone have any idea whether this is likely the pump, a module or the springs leaking, or all of the above? And, yes, yes, I'm considering the conversion kit.

I'm new to Audi ownership (former Saab Sportswagon owner (LOVE)). I know that as soon as I get a moment, I'll take it to Auto Zone to have the codes read. I think they'll do it for free. The dealer charges $130.
could a impulse sensor have something to do with it
check engine light is on......scan shows 2 codes P0421 and P2197. replaced air filter today. praying it is not cat. converter(s).aceleration is perfect and I detect no foul odor from engine or emissions.Allroad did sit for 5-6 weeks and has 146K on it. Has been dealer maintained since new. Still runs perfectly Anyone have thoughts? Thank you all!
baking slowly from a driveway and changing from reverse to drive I heard a noise and the transmission would no longer engage, forward or backward. Mechanic wants to replace both axels in order to test to see if the transmission is
working properly. Said the axels were broken from the transmission.
I have 66,000 miles on A6 2.7 T should i wait until 75,000 miles?
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