2006 Audi A8 Quattro Questions

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Why does my passenger front parking light keep going out had it fixed 3 times and it just keeps going out for no reason and less than 3 days later it will stop working this has been an ongoing problem for the last month or so I use just tap on it and it would come back on but after having it fixed by an auto shop that doesn’t work anymore there are no noises or leaks
Testing out this car
Since then it will not start not even with a new battery , can u help me with this ?
screen pops up but a makes rachetting sound
even in idle when i warm up the car, the smell comes out, like something burning. can that be from the exhaust muffler? or thermostat? however engine temp gauge is normal -no overheat-
Apparently the ABS electrical system is fried how much change the whole electrical system
Took car to dealership it been diagnosed has the ac compressor . The cost qouted was 4k. Very mechanical minded
I have a 2006 Audi A8L W12 and can't figure out how to use the ECO feature to turn the A/C compressor off but still have the climate control (say heat) on. My 2000 A8 just had an ECO button on the dash (easy right?) Now I have to go through a lot of S/W screens, and still can't find it. Anyone help me find it. It just doesn't make sense to have to drive in the fall/winter with the A/C compressor always running, burning up more gas and adding extra ware to the compressor. Can anyone help me?
Anyone know how/where to plug in my IPOD for music. Can't find any Aux/input connectors to try. Possibly the red and white out put connectors in the trunk from the DVD player? OR from the back of the radio, is there an Aux input. I have searched the glove box where the CD changer is and don't see any inputs. Can someone help me?
ive notice a problem with the car level since its been cold.. when then weather got hotter it raised fine..then the other day i heard the compressor running none stop.. this morning the compressor is running but the back or front won't lift
put on standard but droops back to dynamic and front or rear won't raise.. what causes that a relay?
Which bulb should I purchase?
I changed brakes front and rear, new pads and rotors, pads had new sensors in them. I reset rear e brake with scan tool and everything works fine, but the brake warning light is still on.
Overheating even on idling, fan working ,no coolant lose.
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