2001 Audi A8 Quattro Questions

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Let it sit for a couple of hours and was able to drive it home. At the time all the lights on the gear select where blinking. What should I do repair or get new car
dash symbol for head lights indicates that cars automatic focus for road conditions is not working.
with AC on or off. right turn water flow from drivers side of console the opposite for left turns.
Where should i start at to find my problem?
slips all the time it is put in reverse
I put my car in reverse and it didn't even run back and the I gave it a little gas and it did not move it sounded as if I was reving the engine. The steering feels stiff. I tried to test the gear shift to see if it was just off track but it wasn't. After shutting down the car for a while(5mins) it reversed a bit but not all the way and stopped.
Ihave change salenoid and check wireing every is OK, after cple cycle driving code come buck again? Wat can cose thise thing? My name is Chris and e-mail Please give me idea,wat to do...
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