2005 Audi A6 Quattro Questions

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A6 no start condition, diagnosed by vag com: bad steering column lock module.
I can buy a used steering column with steering lock transponder/module,matched ignition and ignition access start module and the matched keys and a 1 year money back gaurantee. If I buy it and have it installed will the car start and run?
My A6 has a no start lockout condition. 3X vag com error code came up with a failed ignition access start module. 4th time vag com now comes up with the dreaded steering column lock transponder module, the only resolution from Audi is to replace the steering column and program. I have an opportunity to purchase a used column with transponder, the matching ignition, access srart module, and keys.It has a one yr money back gaurantee even if the transponder fails. My question is if all matching components are installed will it work as long as it doesn't fail, in other words will they mate to the same year make and model. please let me know.
Have a problem starting my Audi A6. I'm putting a key to the ignition but nothing is happening, no engine check, no usual activity.The Steeling Wheel is stake,same as the parking selector is stake in P, Otherwise, everything works fine, MMI system, lights, seats memory etc. Please any advice?
wont start has power no crank
my a6 2005 , is running very smoth when driving , but on idle and at starting , I feel cuts, and almost wants to turn off ? I chages the spark plugs , the problem remains.
what are the possibilities , is it an engine problem ?
The car runs fine.
The alert sounds every few minutes. It started intermittently, now it is nearly constant. The dealer says it is a module that controls these items and it needs to be replaced.
The cost to replace is 2,200.00 plus tax. I could replace the 4 low profile tires and wheels for less.
Are there any options and is the estimate fair?
The car would not start at all. There was contact and the brake lights worked. I was informed by my mechanic that the steering column module is bad and the who steering column needs replaced. Can it be replaced with a used steering column or does the part have to be new?
New sparkplug and coil same code
When driving on snow, the ABS kicks in and the car won't stop. When driving on lose snow, I rather have the ABS turned off. I used to have this option on previous Audis. On this 2005 A6, according to the manual, disabling the ESP and ASR should disable the ABS also. I have tried that many times unsuccessfully. The ABS is always on. Has anyone been successful at disabling the ABS on these cars ?
Has anyone encountered a problem with carbon build up in the engine? I have an Audi A6 Quattro with a little over 100M miles. Never had a problem before,the CEL never came on, but the car has just now started running sluggishly and misfiring, primarily in the mornings. Auto is maintained as scheduled, but I've been checking the internet and this seems to be an ongoing issue that Audi knows about. I wish I'd known before I purchased this vehicle. If anyone has had this experience and gotten it corrected, please let me know what was done. Thanks
hi! i have an Audi a6, 2005, 3.0 tdi quatro. Recently started to show the check engine to light, along with the ABS light on and a "P" sign, scratched off. The car stops driving right away in drive mode. It will start working again, only turned off, 3 times steps on break but lights on check engine, still on. Nobody can help me with this issue
just bought a 2005 audi a6 quattro w/ 64,000 miles. about to move to hawaii and not to sure about what to do considering the upkeep is so expensive for this vehicle
i had autzone reset the codes and it hasnt happened anymore
after i noticed the problem my driver side auto window feature has stopped working as well as i had to be jumped once it happened.
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